Iridescent Acrylic & Iridescent HIPS

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Our range of plastics offers iridescent acrylic as well as iridescent high impact polystyrene sheet (HIPS). These 2 materials are unique because they change colours depending on the viewing angle, showcasing a beautiful spectrum of rainbow colours.

Both the acrylic and HIPS are Iridescent acrylic sheets can be fabricated using all the same methods as you can use on regular acrylic sheets; including laser cutting, sawing, drilling, bending, thermoforming etc.

Our customers used iridescent acrylic and iridescent HIPS for a number of different projects, ranging from shop signage, industrial design projects and jewellery.

The iridescent acrylic is a radiant, light reflecting plastic which has amazing qualities, changing colours from pink to orange, green, blue and purple without the use of any special lighting.

It is a 3mm thick, glossy and transparent plastic which has an iridescent film on one side, creating stunning visuals in whatever project it is used in.

Just like standard acrylic, iridescent acrylic comes supplied with a clear protective film on both sides, which can be peeled off for a beautiful, smooth and scratch-free finish.


Iridescent high impact polystyrene sheet (HIPS for short) is a thinner and more flexible, laserable plastic, which can also be cut out with a knife or scissors due to its flexibility. It is a 1mm thick, glossy and opaque plastic which has the iridescent film on the front while the back of the material is white.

The plastic comes supplied with a clear protective film on the iridescent side which can be peeled off for a stunning finish.