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 Laser etched wedding center piece

Wood Laser Cutting

Timber is great for laser cutting and engraving. The precision of the laser ensures a perfect cut every time and can easily and efficiently produce multiple copies. Our Laser cutting for wood can cut up to 12mm in ply and down to any thickness. Previous work has included industrial design projects, architectural models, custom boxes, wedding gifts and business signage amongst others.

Our wide range of timber varieties and finishes ensures that the right product is selected for the job. All our materials are available for purchase through our online store, or we can create your project from timber you supply. Laser wood cutting is a great alternative to CNC routing, with precision to fractions of a millimetre.


The benefit of laser cutting timber is the high level of precision. We can cut to tolerances a fraction of a millimetre, ensuring a great fit for products that require accurate fabrication.

Engraving / etching:

Our lasers create beautiful engravings and can even engrave at different shades to create a wonderful tonal image. Our etching process is great for maintaining the look of the material but still adding a decorative or informative element.

wood engraving

Custom boxes:

Our custom boxes feature box joints at the base and sides and can have a sliding opening or traditional lid. The laser creates a beautiful contrast in colour on the cuts, highlighting the joins. We can cut to any size that our machine will fit and can add dividers and custom engraving as well

 wood box

What we can do it with:


Our selection of laser-grade mdf and birch ply are great for any project. They cut very well and a great for painting or leaving natural. The great variety of thicknesses means the possibilities are endless for what they can be applied to.

MDF is a board made from the residule parts of both hard and softwoods. Its consistent look and structure make it ideal for cutting. Our MDF is laser grade and low in formaldehyde, great for projects requiring painting.


Our ply comes in two varieties, lite and regular. Our light ply is great for artwork like decorations, model making and prototypes. It’s incredibly light and if thin enough, will bend and flex with ease.

Our regular ply is our most commonly used material. Its cost effectiveness and strength make it ideal for most applications. It comes in thicknesses from 0.6mm up to 12mm, and can be painted, stained, engraved and etched. Clients have used our ply for modular furniture, sculpture, and jewellery.

As wood is a natural material it can have some knots or other imperfections, particularly with these thicker plywoods when it cuts this can cause some scorching on the surfaces of the material where the laser has flared up. We do apply masking to try and mitigate these burn marks but it is likely with the 9mm and 12mm that some sanding will be required (6mm and below usually very little or no sanding will be needed at all). Sometimes the knot will not allow the laser to cut all the way through the sheet so in this situation we will need to use a blade to cut it out. It isn't something that's preventable with any plywood as there's no way to know where the knots are inside the layers.

Laser Cutting Exotic Woods:

Our exotic woods come in either solids or laminates and are wonderful for special projects. Their unique textures and raw or varnished finish have been applied to bespoke buttons for the fashion industry, intricately cut light fixtures and ceremonial plaques. All of our exotic timbers are available for purchase through our online store. Our exotic woods include:

Bamboo: a unique grain and lovely light colour is perfect for modern applications. The bamboo is a laminate and can be cut and engraved with ease.

Walnut: Available as both a solid and laminate, it has a warm, rich brown tone and can be varnished or oiled to bring out it’s texture.

Balsa: Sold a solid, it’s used by model makers and in architectural models due to its easy cutting ability.

Cherry: A slight pink hue and beautiful grain make this ideal for decorative items. Our cherry is sold as a laminate.

Cedar: A mix of hues makes this ideal for artistic projects, especially when combined with our other exotic woods to create contrasts.

Birch: our birch laminate is a more refined version of our birch ply. It has a gloss finish and is sold as a laminate.

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We can also source many other types of wood or cut/ engrave your own material if suitable.


laser cut walnut wood